The Best Free & Secure iTop VPN for Windows 11 in 2022

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Windows 11 is undoubtedly the beginning to replace Windows 10 on a lot of users’ devices. While completely upgrading the Microsoft OS sounds like it is going to offer you more security; still, it’s not that threat-proof. Although Windows 11 is known for its protection compared to previous operating system versions, using it with a VPN can enhance this security factor to a great extent.

Many free VPNs are not worth your time at all. For starters, most are too slow for torrenting and streaming, while others lack major features that keep you safe. This is where the iTop VPN comes! Compared to other free options out there, it encrypts your data efficiently from all the third-party peeks & keeps you highly safe in the online world. Sounds amazing, right? Aside from that, this also lets you torrent and access geo-restricted content safely.

Read on to explore the advantages, usage, features, and more about the iTop VPN for Windows 11

app logoWhy Do You Need a VPN?

There are several potential reasons why you need to get a quality service VPN. Aside from staying secure and anonymous online, you can enjoy many other perks, too. Some top-notch benefits of having a life-changing VPN are given below:

Streaming Geo-restricted Content:

Well, if you are into relaxing on a Friday night by watching movies, you need to look at a good VPN for watching geo-restricted content. Also, some VPNs can unblock HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and other services for streaming, which is why VPNs are even becoming more famous.

Hide Traffic from ISP (Internet Service Provider):

Your ISP is much more than capable of skimming at what you are exactly browsing online. Anyhow, with a trustworthy and reliable VPN, like iTop VPN, the traffic becomes almost impossible to read. A great kick for the bucks!

Protect the device while utilizing public WiFi:

Usually, the public network data is unencrypted, which means that you are clearly risking harmful hackers getting into the device. But wait—there’s more! If you have a genuine VPN, your data is highly safe and secure wherever you go.

Encrypt your information:

Data encryption is undeniably an essential reason to utilize a VPN. Whenever your data is encrypted, not a single person can access your identity or personal data at all. It includes not only your Internet Service Provider but also third parties, government organizations, and hackers.

These are some of the perks you can make use of while using a VPN. Some other benefits also include being secure from malware and exploring the best online sales.

Is Free VPN Safe? iTop VPN & Best Free & Safe VPN

iTop VPN is absolutely a high-end investment to boost your cybersecurity game because it also includes the best security features. So, you’ll not only protect yourself from cyber criminals; you get an entirely private scanner and browser that let you acknowledge if the data was leaked.

It also includes an efficient kill switch that highly prevents personal information from leaking, no matter even if your VPN connection accidentally fails. Plus, if you wish to have some exceptional privacy, you can utilize its extra-privacy mode, which does not let others reveal that you are using a VPN.

Key Features:

  • Security & Speed: 

It is worth mentioning that iTop VPN also uses encryption which is also used by banking and military institutions. If your connections drop due to any reason, its incredible kill switch feature will immediately shut off the internet to prevent data leaks.

The best thing is that you will not get disappointed with the iTop performance at all. Its high-tech functions will ensure a quick and smooth online experience at every usage. Sounds good, right?

  • Safe and Fast:

You can also get a proxy that’s highly beneficial for assuring the best download speeds & getting around blocks. Moreover, you can easily customize which particular applications utilize the VPN connection with the help of a split tunneling function.

The provider also has a super amazing no-logs policy. It means that your information will not be accessed or logged even by the iTop VPN itself. Since it’s audited independently, you are guaranteed privacy completely.

  • Free to Use: 

iTop VPN is a free VPN that provides 700MB of free data per day, you can surf the internet, watch videos, and play games without any geo-restriction. Besides, it’s an easy-to-access app – so that you can install the VPN on a Windows 11 device easily and quickly. iTop VPN provides While this VPN offers the most efficient customer support, you can also relish the features of 24/7 live chat.

This even adds more convenience to enhance your experience by smoothly using a VPN. Even if you are a beginner, you can opt for this as it has simple yet creative and beneficial features. What’s more? Well, you will be more pleased right after giving it a try!

How To Use iTop VPN – Step by Step Guide

Here’s how you can easily install the free iTop VPN on Windows 11:

Step#1. Download iTop VPN and install it on your device. This won’t take even more than a few seconds.

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Step#2. Connect to the server in the preferred location according to your needs. It ensures your information is completely encrypted.

server list

Step#3. Now, you are all set! Well, if you still have any kind of difficulty in unblocking content, make sure to clear the cache and cookies of the browser.



In this article, we have concluded all the possible information you need to know about the best free & secure iTop VPN for Windows 11. For starters, this VPN is especially outstanding, and you will be able to access a lot of servers in many locations. Not only this, but you can also find this one a fast, free, safe, and more accurate VPN with the best offers of complete access to restricted services or websites.

Hope this guide will be super enlightening for you, folks!

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