DayZ: Getting Started Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

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DayZ is among the most popular survival games on the market. But don’t just assume that since it is popular, it is easy for players to get a handle on it. Set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, DayZ is a game that is sure to test players to their limits. Not only does a player have to protect themselves from Zombies and other players that would not hesitate to kill other humans, but the harsh environment in the game is a challenge on its own. It could be too much for beginners to handle, even with the best DayZ hacks at their disposal. However, no need to lose heart over it, as the following is the list of everything a player would need to know to get started in DayZ.

Understanding DayZ

It is crucial that players understand that DayZ is a unique survival game and focus on the objective of the game. And that is only one objective in the game – surviving as long as you can; it is as simple as that. There is no need for players to search for zombies and get on the top of the kill leaderboard. No objective relating to capturing and holding an area, nothing of such sort. You only need to do everything in your power to stay alive, and even then, you would fail a lot. There is no secret technique that guarantees success. So, you need to buckle up and take the game day by day. Set short goals like surviving this to the next morning; this will help you have a clear picture in mind of what you need to do.

Hunger is your biggest obstacle.

It is not the zombies that will be your undoing or even other players; it is actually hunger and starvation that would most likely be the reason behind your demise. It is not something that is new to survival games, but the difficulty of obtaining essential food items has made DayZ a tough game to play.

To survive in DayZ, one needs to be aware of where to find these consumables. The best chance one would have would be in the urban centers. Abandoned houses and vehicles are an excellent place to start. One would quickly get their hands on canned and dry food items. You would need knives, can openers, etc., to open these items, so always be on the lookout for them. In case the current playing strategy is avoiding urban centers, then searching along the coast and boats would be your best shot.

Dehydration is almost as big of an issue as starvation.

Naturally, if the player needs to keep the character well-fed, they also need to maintain their hydration level. Now, this is an issue that can be easily solved by players keeping a stock of drinkable items like Nota Cola and Spite Lemonades, which are easy finds in the urban centers. Access to a well is also helpful as they have an unlimited source of clean energy. Do not drink directly from the rivers and lakes as those are contaminated. Water from those sources needs purification first before it can be consumed.

Healing oneself in DayZ

There is no easy way for one to get their health back in DayZ, which is why it is even more crucial that players avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts. There is no one item that will restore the player’s health. Instead, the healing depends on the character’s blood level. The better their water and energy levels, the quicker they will heal themselves.

Looting in DayZ

Looting plays a prominent part in the DayZ gameplay, something that should not really surprise anyone. The players are stuck in a post-apocalyptic world with no escape; how else will they survive? So, naturally, it will be best if beginner players are aware of where to start with their search.

As mentioned earlier, urban centers are excellent places for one to gather essential resources like food items, drinks, and medical supplies. However, before making their way to such sites, it is advised that players take ample time to go through their starting area. It is pretty standard for players to overlook items that are nearby their location and head for more rewarding places. The more inland the player goes, the more likelihood of them encountering zombies, but it is also rich in high-quality loot items. Military bases, shacks, etc., are excellent places where one can find those all-so-crucial resources to survive in the game.

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